Garlic Mustard Control by Cheryl Jirik, Landscape Restoration, Inc.

Garlic mustard is the bane of my existence. I have often said I will take 100 acres of buckthorn over one acre of garlic mustard. My field experience, and interactions with  landowners, has shown that options beyond hand-pulling exist to control garlic mustard. And let’s make sure it is non-native garlic mustard (Alliara petiolata) being pulled versus a valuable native plant. Everything you want to know about controlling garlic mustard is available from the Minnesota State Horticultural Society (“MSHS”), which recorded my most recent garlic mustard workshop at the link below. The small fee of $8.00 is shared by MSHS and the Minnesota Women’s Woodland Network, both non-profit organizations. My time to create and present this webinar was donated and none of the proceeds are mine. I am just crazy passionate about educating landowners who want to restore the native habitat on their property for the benefit of wildlife and our planet. If you have follow up questions or comments, please contact me at Thanks and enjoy the webinar!!

Garlic Mustard – Get Rid of It Webinar

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