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Landscape Restoration, Inc. provides information to many landowners regarding the removal and control of buckthorn, garlic mustard and other non-native invasive species.

Woodlands are as unique as their owners. Answering questions like these will help determine a course of action to begin restoration of your woodland:

  • What are my goals for this property?
  • What is my timeframe to complete the desired tasks?
  • Will I need just a little help or significant assistance?
  • Where am I on the do-it-yourself versus do it all for me scale?
  • What financial resources do I have for the help I want?
  • Do I need to re-plant or is there a good base of native plants to nurture?

Services we provide:

  • On site restoration consultation to create a unique restoration plan
  • Identification of native & non-native woodland plants, and plant species inventory
  • Customized education to teach staff or volunteers hands-on field restoration techniques
  • Referrals to chipping crews, tree-trimmers, tree planting and so forth

To find out if Landscape Restoration, Inc. can provide a benefit to your restoration project, call (612) 590-9395 or email


Restoration Education

Education is the most valuable commodity we have to offer. When individuals share the importance and “how to” of invasive species control with others, a monumental gain toward restoring nature’s woodland habitat occurs. Working together we can prevent and control the spread of non-native invasive species and protect the future of our native plant and wildlife communities.

If you are interested in organizing a group of individuals from your neighborhood, business, community, school, religious organization or social club, please call to discuss the options of an educational presentation customized to the specific interests and learning level of participating individuals.

Educational Presentations with Landscape Restoration, Inc.

Educational session uniquely created relative to the audience in attendance. Some combination of the following are common components:

  • Topic specific PowerPoint presentations
  • Interpretive displays
  • Audience interaction
  • Species samples to help with plant identification
  • Informational handouts
  • Hands-on field training (i.e. cut and stump treat buckthorn)
  • Improving restoration skills and best management practices

Our belief is that when we know better, we do better. Call (612) 590-9395 or email to discuss your event.


Buckthorn Buy Now

Landscape Restoration, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Buckthorn Blaster™ herbicide applicator.



We can come to your property to remove and control invasive species such as buckthorn and garlic mustard.



Landscape Restoration, Inc. provides educational seminars and workshops for individuals and organizations.