Buckthorn Education

“Buckthorn Basics & Beyond”City of Eden Prairie Community Ed Class
Presented by Cheryl Jirik of Landscape Restoration, Inc.
Saturday, October 6, 10:00 to 11:30 AM

Learn how to rid your property of buckthorn and restore the native habitat that will benefit hundreds of wildlife species. Know how to positively identify buckthorn in comparison to desirable native species commonly confused with buckthorn. Various buckthorn control methods and pros/cons of each will be presented. If time and weather permit we will head outside to practice buckthorn ID skills and practice the cut-stump buckthorn treatment method. The Buckthorn BlasterTM herbicide applicator for cut-stump treatment of buckthorn will be available for purchase at a special price of $5. Go to www.landscape-restoration.com to view the Buckthorn Blaster products.


Registration: Refer to class code 33793 when registering Cost: $7
Register by phone: contact Stan Tekiela, City of Eden Prairie Naturalist at 952-949-8479
Register online: Via eConnect at http://www.edenprairie.org/
: Eden Prairie Outdoor Center, 13765 Staring Lake Parkway, Eden Prairie, MN

Please join me for this opportunity to teach you best practices to control and get rid of buckthorn, purple loosestrife control, Canada thistle control garlic mustard control and other non-native invasive plants. Control of invasive species is the first step to the restoration and protection of our native plant and animal habitat. I will be on hand after the seminar to answer questions. Our Buckthorn Blaster and related products will be on  sale for special seminar pricing.

If you have questions related to buckthorn control, please email me at cheryl@landscape-restoration.com .


Cheryl Jirik
Landscape Restoration, Inc

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