Look What I Found – Monarch Caterpillar

While walking through our prairie this weekend to take plant photos I stopped to admire the blossom on a swamp milkweed plant (refer back to previous blog article for photos and value of native milkweed plants) and found this adorable little guy (gal?). I am not an expert on Lepidoptera (nor did I sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night!) but it seems a little late in the season for a Monarch (Danaus plexippus)to be at this stage of growth. Any Monarch specialists out there who would be willing to share information on the typical growth stages of this beautiful butterfly?


Monarch caterpillar in mid August (Copyright 2012 Landscape Restoration, Inc.

Like this adorable caterpillar and its fascinating story, take time to stop and admire the treasures nature has to share with you today.

Cheryl Jirik
Landscape Restoration, Inc.


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