My apologies for not posting new blog segments since early spring. I was sucked into a vortex of garlic mustard and could not find my way out until now. Seriously.

There is still a short amount of time to pull any leftover garlic mustard before it disperses seed. At this stage of garlic mustard development, the seed pods/siliques are very mature
Garlic Mustard Seed Pod/Silique
and will soon ripen and disperse seed if the plants are left in your woodland. Best options to stop garlic mustard seeds from dispersing are bag, tag and place with your garbage (DO NOT COMPOST!) or toss the garlic mustard into your fire pit and burn it during your next bonfire. If desired, you may click your hiking boots three times and chant “burn garlic mustard scum, burn” as you watch the nasty stuff go up in flames. Great way to teach your neighbors about garlic mustard when they ask what you were doing.
My next set of blog postings will be called, What’s in My Woodland? – (name of plant). Don’t miss the first plant in the series which will be identification of poison ivy.
Enjoy your bonfire!
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