Mark-It Blue Landscape Dye 8oz.

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added to the Buckthorn Blaster™ with your herbicide provides a bright coloring to the treatment area of cut stumps and stems ensuring nothing is overlooked or treated twice.

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Mark-It Blue (8 oz.)

A ‘must have’ for cut-stump herbicide treatment

Mark-It Blue is a very concentrated blue colorant designed to temporarily provide highly visible evidence of herbicide application when used with your Buckthorn BlasterTM. At Landscape Restoration, Inc. we always add Mark-It Blue to our herbicide for treatment of buckthorn stems, stumps and other undesirable woody-stemmed plants.

Herbicides are transparent making it difficult to tell which freshly cut stumps have been treated, especially when cutting multiple stumps or stems at a time. The visibility of Mark-It Blue will greatly help you see which stumps have been chemically treated and which have been missed. Use Mark-It Blue to avoid missed treatment of buckthorn stumps that will result in a multitude of buckthorn resprouts.


Add approximately 1/2 to 1 tsp. of Mark-It Blue to your Buckthorn Blaster before adding herbicide. If approved by your herbicide manufacturer, you may add Mark-It Blue directly to your herbicide container. Be safe and always read and follow all herbicide manufacturers’ label directions.

Herbicide is applied to the cambium area of freshly cut buckthorn stumps. As shown in the photo example at left, the concentrated blue colorant in Mark-It Blue will help you highlight treated areas to avoid missed stumps and excess herbicide use.


FAQ: Will food coloring work as a stump colorant?
Answer: Not in our opinion. The quantity of food coloring required to perform as adequately as Mark-It Blue would dilute and weaken your herbicide. 2 ounces of Mark-It Blue is adequate for one to two gallons of herbicide.

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