Buckthorn Blaster™ with 5 Applicator Tips (Applicator Tip Removal Tool NOT Included)

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is a popular hand-held herbicide applicator for cut-stump herbicide treatment of buckthorn and other undesirable stemmed plants. *Herbicide is not included.

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Get rid of buckthorn permanently!

The Buckthorn Blaster™ is a hand-held, 4-ounce capacity herbicide applicator (purchase herbicide separately) for cut-stump herbicide treatment of buckthorn and other undesirable stemmed plants. The replaceable foam applicator tip of the Buckthorn Blaster™ releases herbicide only when pressure is applied to freshly cut buckthorn stumps. The minimal but effective herbicide delivery of the Buckthorn Blaster™ allows you to spend hours treating buckthorn stumps without an herbicide refill.

The Buckthorn Blaster™ eliminates hazardous spills that often occur with open herbicide containers. The Buckthorn Blaster™ prevents the “drift” hazard to humans and native plants associated with herbicide sprayers. The Buckthorn Blaster™ uses less herbicide to control buckthorn – better for the environment, better for your wallet!

This Buckthorn Blaster™ includes five applicator tips (applicator tip removal tool to remove or replace applicator tips is NOT included). *Herbicide is not included.

Remember the Mark-It Blue! We use and recommend Mark-It Blue concentrated colorant with the use of the Buckthorn Blaster™. Go to the Mark-It Blue product page for details.

Buckthorn Blaster™ Reviews:

We certainly like the Buckthorn Blaster™ we purchased. Makes for quick work. – Carolyn B., Medford, MN

Thanks again for all your help and excellent customer support. Rick S., Lansing, MI

Wick (sponge) applicators are a great way to apply herbicide directly to the stump, reducing the risk of exposure to the applicator and the environment. Buckthorn Blasters™ are a great new inexpensive tool for this.

Buckthorn Blaster™: An Ingenious Solution for Eradicating Invasive Woody Plants

We highly recommend purchasing a Buckthorn Blaster™ . . . The Buckthorn Blaster™ can treat 100’s of freshly cut buckthorn stumps while avoiding the possibility of spilling the herbicide.

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