Buckthorn Blaster™
5-Pack Replacement Applicator Tips

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Allow you to replace worn out applicator tips and reuse your original Buckthorn Blaster™ over and over.

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Buckthorn Blaster herbicide applicators are sold with two foam applicator tips. When you purchase the 5-pack of replacement foam applicator tips, your Buckthorn Blaster can be re-used over and over again. Extend the life of your foam applicator tip by daubing herbicide, not rubbing, onto freshly cut stumps.

Dull pruning shears and especially dull brush cutters and chainsaw chains leave a ragged edge on cut stumps. Ragged stump edges will wear down foam applicator tips more quickly. Sharp pruning shears, brush cutter blades and chainsaw chains leave a smoother edge on cut stumps which are more “friendly” to foam applicator tips.

NOTE: Only the outer edge of larger buckthorn stumps, the cambium area, requires herbicide treatment.

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